Getting Your Wii Online Wirelessly

Welcome to this week’s edition of Wii Blog For You. This week, we will be discussing how to connect your Wii to the Internet through your home network’s wireless router using the Wii’s wi-fi capabilities. We’ll discuss alternative ways for getting online if you don’t have a wireless network available to you in a later blog entry.

You may wonder why you would want to get online with your Wii in the first place. There are actually several reasons. First, some Wii games have online options that let you compete over the Internet or download additional game content. Second, the Wii Shop Channel provides access to literally hundreds of downloadable games. Finally, the Wii has a free version of the Opera web browser that will allow you to surf the Internet on your television.

So, let’s get right to it. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Once your Wii is powered on, click the Wii Options button in the lower left corner of the screen.

2. You’ll then be presented with the Data Management option or the Wii Settings Option. Select the Wii Settings button that looks like this:

3. Once you have clicked the Wii Settings button, you will see there are several settings that are spread out over three screens. The option we want, labeled “Internet” is on the second screen, so the next step is to click the right arrow on the far right side of the screen. This will take us from the first to the second page of settings.

On this second page, you will see the following options: Parental Controls, Sensor Bar, Internet , and WiiConnect24. The screen should look like this:

Click on Internet button, which is indicated by the red arrow in the screen shot above.

4. Then, click on Connection Settings.

5. You will then see three boxes labeled Connection 1, Connection 2, and Connection 3. If you have never attempted to go online with your Wii, all three boxes will also have the word “None” in them. Select the box labeled Connection 1.

6. The Wii will then scan for wireless signals and show you a list of what networks are available. In the list, you should see the name of your wireless network. If not, make sure your wireless router is working properly.

7 . Select your wireless network from the list. If you have security enabled, it will ask you for the access information (e.g., user name and passwords).

The Wii will then initiate an automatic connection test. When it has successfully connected, you will receive a confirmation message, and you will be all set!


3 Responses to Getting Your Wii Online Wirelessly

  1. cathy583a says:

    Do you know how this works with an Xbox? My son would love to go online with his. Thanks!

  2. matt583 says:

    Is it an XBox 360? If so, to get online wirelessly, you would need to buy an online adapter like this one:

    If wired is an option, you can run an ethernet cable from your router to the port in the back of the XBox 360. Hope that helps! If not, let me know, and I’ll give it another shot.

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